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Growth Hormone against AIDS
It turns out Leggy beauty, in addition to their external attractiveness of long legs, were women who were not so lucky with centimeter "of the neck, another advantage - they have less chance of the disease AIDS.

According to American researchers, growth hormone actually able to resist the "plague the twentieth century." This hormone is responsible, in addition to growth, and for a T-lymphocytes, which organism is able with great success to resist infections and viruses. And the AIDS virus in the first place is beginning to surrender their positions because of the impact of T-lymphocytes. Moreover, even cure colds from primitive impossible without these cells, to uphold the immune system.

During clinical trials found that the introduction of doses of growth hormone helps restore AIDS-infected immune system through an increase in blood T-lymphocytes. However, without the side effects were unable to do - growth hormone causes accelerated bone lengthening patients, because of what may turns of those ordinary people with average growth into giants. And the risk of such a metamorphosis is present in every second patient.

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Surgical Objects Accidentally Left Inside About 1,500 Patients In US Each Year
(www.americanheart.org)Every year, in the United States about 1,500 people have surgical objects accidentally left inside them after surgery, according to medical studies. About two-thirds of the surgical objects left behind are sponges, which can lead to pain, infection, bowel obstructions, problems in healing, longer hospital stays, additional surgeries and in rare cases, death.

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Diet And Cancer Prevention: New Evidence For The Protective Effects Of
The age-old refrain, "Eat your vegetables!" gets scientific support as researchers present the latest findings on cancer prevention at the American Association for Cancer Research's Sixth Annual International Conference on Frontiers in Cancer Prevention.


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Health of nature
Molecular 'Switch' That Could Save Very Young Lives Identified
Scientists have identified a molecular 'switch' that, when blocked, may help reverse necrotizing enterocolitis, a leading cause of death in premature infants.
Possible Markers For Mental Illness Discovered
Researchers have discovered natural genetic differences that might help predict the most effective antipsychotic drugs for particular patients with mental disorders such as schizophrenia, Parkinson's and drug addiction. They found the differences in the gene for a molecule called the dopamine D2 receptor, a protein present on brain cells that are sensitive to the neurotransmitter dopamine.

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